Erase years of build-up from cooking and everyday use with Souder’s Renewal Process

Over the years, your cabinets can start to lose their luster and can look worn, faded, and dirty. This can happen because of the natural oil in your hands and from cooking. Souder’s Furniture Repair can renew and restore your cabinets to their former glory. Sometimes a little touching up and deep cleaning is all that is needed to make your cabinets look like new again.

The Renewal Process at Souder’s Furniture Repair

At Souder’s Furniture Repair we can remove grit, grease, and dirt that has accumulated on your cabinets from years of use and cooking. We will give them a deep clean and touch up any imperfections that have occurred from years of use. We will then give your cabinets a top coat to give you many more years of use. From the largest kitchen to the smallest bathroom cabinet job, at Souder’s Furniture Repair we can handle it all.

Cabinet Door & Drawer Replacement

Sometimes your current cabinet door(s) and drawers might be too far gone or damaged. With Souder’s Furniture Repair, that is no problem! We can replace them with a brand new one that matches your existing cabinet doors. We can also repair and replace your cabinet drawer tracks that may have been damaged over the years of use. At Souder’s Furniture Repair, we can also replace your existing cabinet hardware to give a fresh and updated look to your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

And if your cabinets need more than touching up, we can fully restore them with our cabinet refinishing services.

Pricing for Cabinet Renewal

Pricing for our cabinet renewal services are a custom quote from our team of experts. This is because all cabinets differ in the state of renewal that they may need as well as the size & scope of your project. Contact us today for an estimate.