Restore the brilliance of your valued treasures with

Souder’s Antique Restoration services

At Souder’s Furniture Repair, we pride ourselves on antique restoration. Restoration can be as simple as a light cleaning to remove disfiguring dirt or grime from your antique piece of furniture. However, there is a lot of difference between restoring and repairing. While the functionality may be achieved by a repair, restoring an item properly is an art-form. The furniture’s original finishes may need to be stripped and redone. It is essential that the original patination is retained, if possible. Stripping is only done as a last resort, especially with antique furniture. 

We can bring new “life” to your antiques.

If your antiques have lost their luster from years of exposure and damage, or if you have picked up an antique that has potential to be great again, contact Souder’s Furniture Repair. We have a great reputation and have years of experience in restoring the magnificence of all types of antique furniture. We can bring new “life” your antiques including decorative benches, dining room tables, chairs, picture frames, memory boxes, and more.

Souder’s Furniture Repair only employees trained and caring professionals who do not sacrifice quality for time. The preservation of your valued antiques is our main priority, and we take painstaking and precise methods to restore your metals, artworks, furniture, and more.

Souder’s Furniture Repair specializes in restorations, tufting, touch-ups, cleaning, and polishing. We can turn back the clock on your valued pieces. Since 1991, Souder’s Furniture Repair has been restoring memories and your most treasured antiques and family heirlooms.  Contact us today for an estimate or for any other type of furniture repair that you need.

Pricing for Antique Restoration

All antiques are unique pieces of work. And as such, Souder’s Furniture Repair will provide an estimate to bring your antique back to its’ original state. Contact us today.