Excellent chair caning services at Souder’s Furniture Repair

Cane furniture is beautiful and intricate, but can become worn-out after years of use. We can replace different styles of woven seats found in contemporary and antique furniture. We can also take care of any structural issues and work with any type of wood.

What is the difference between Chair Caning and Chair Rushing?

Chair caning is a method of weaving seats and other furniture elements. In chair caning, the material used is usually derived from the peeled bark or skin of the rattan vine found in Indonesia, the Philippines, or Malaysia. Chair rushing is slightly different. The rush seat weaving technique uses natural cattail leaf rush, bulrush, or a human-made paper fiber rush variety. The rush is woven around the four seat rungs of the chair (dowels), forming four distinct triangles in the seat pattern. Though wicker furniture is easily confused with caning, they are very different.

Why Choose Caning Repair Instead of Replacement?

Your cane and rush furniture products may be family heirlooms with cherished memories of parents or grandparents using them. Though techniques of chair rushing and cane chair repair are still practiced by some, the quality today is often not as high as is seen in vintage pieces. If you have a Victorian caned chair or a natural rushed piece, it can be valuable in many ways. At Souder’s Furniture Repair, we have the techniques and years of expertise to handle the re-caning of your chairs and fix any issues in your rushed products. We can pick up the furniture pieces you need repaired, provide you with an estimate, and return old products that will look like new. Our cane furniture restoration will bring your memories back to life.

Whether you want to restore a family heirloom or you have pieces of office furniture that need repair, contact us today for an estimate. We take pride in what we do and our attention to detail will make your furniture look like new again.

Pricing for Re-caning a Chair

Pricing to re-cane a chair starts at $175. We do different kinds of caning. Touch up, top coat, gluing, and staining cost extra. Repair times vary.