Trusted handcrafted techniques to repair & refinish your furniture

Even if you think your broken furniture is beyond repair, we can help! At Souder’s Furniture Repair we can restore your favorite piece of furniture so you can enjoy it again. We have the experience and the know-how to repair and refinish aging and damaged furniture to make it look like new again.

Our furniture repair and refinishing services.

Why replace when you can repair your furniture? At Souder’s Furniture Repair we can do frame repairs, refinishing, rebuilding, scotchgarding, hand/machine caning, welding & re-glueing, spring retying, slip covers, and more! Over the years, there really has not been much that we haven’t seen or done to bring our customers furniture back to their original state for many more years of use.

We can repair & refinish MORE than just furniture.

At Souder’s Furniture Repair, we can also repair & refinish picture frames, decorative benches, children’s rocking horses, kids furniture, memory boxes, and more. We can also repair kitchen and bathroom doors and drawers as well as the interior/exterior doors of your home.

Simply, no furniture is beyond repair. At Souder’s Furniture Repair we can make your worn out or damaged furniture new again with trusted handcrafted techniques. Contact us today for an estimate. You’ll be glad you did!

Pricing to Refinish Dining Table

Normally a standard sized dining table is about $750-800 to refinish. Any pieces that need to be replaced, extra leaves that need fabricated, or is just a huge table will cost extra.

Pricing to Refinish Chair

Normally to refinish a standard sized chair is around $200. To replace parts or modify the chair will cost extra.

Pricing to Re-Glue Wooden Chairs

Normally re-gluing chairs cost $50-75 each. Repairing or replacing chair parts cost extra. There are not many chairs that we can’t repair.