Souder’s Furniture Repair has been a part of the Fort Wayne community and restoring memories since 1991. Since that time, we have brought new “life” to countless pieces of worn and damaged furniture. We offer services for both residential and commercial with most work completed in our shop located at 8809 Hanauer Street. We also offer pick up and delivery services. If your piece of furniture is too big to travel…please ask about our mobile services.

Every Piece of Furniture Tells a Story

At Souder’s Furniture Repair we believe that every piece of furniture tells a story. Maybe it’s your favorite chair. Your parents dining room table. Or your child’s favorite rocking horse. Contact us today for an estimate and let us bring that story back to life.

If the fabric is worn on your favorite chair or sofa; or if the foam has gone soft, Souder’s Furniture Repair can help! We offer re-holstering services for your worn out fabric and can re-stuff your cushions to make them like new again. And if you have a caned chair that needs some TLC…we LOVE caning and can bring your piece back to life!

Do you have an antique or family heirloom? We take great care to preserve & protect your valued treasures. The process begins with stripping, sanding, and repairing any imperfections. And ends with new stain in the color of your choice, top coating, and finishing details like finding matching ornamental hardware. Our goal is to bring new “life” to the piece of furniture while maintaining the original piece of art & history.

Are your kitchen and bathroom cabinets worn from age and use? At Souder’s Furniture Repair, we can take care of the biggest kitchen to the smallest bathroom with a fresh coat of paint or stain. We can also simply clean and renew the cabinets and bring new “life” to them.

At Souder’s Furniture Repair we also handle commercial furniture. This includes church pews, office furniture, and more.